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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

Angaloth - 24 Feb 10 - 3:02 PM

Ch. 6: Chapter 6

Something that stood out in this chapter was the very end. Lothiriel makes some interesting observations about Eomer while he's sleeping; the one that sticks out most is the last one--"Vulnerable." Actually, it's the fact that she has to remind herself of their "differences" in rank that I find interesting. She is obviously fighting off her attraction to him now that she notices his vulnerabilities, not just in the way he looks while he's asleep, but his mental vulnerabilities, which are made evident by the descriptions of Wormtongue and his family's deaths. Not that she's not already attracted to him, but this seems to be one of the first times, if I'm remebering correctly, that she knows who "Leona" is and she *somewhat* admits to herself that she's attracted to him. Also, she doesn't really make any observations about him being half naked; I mean, she notices that he is well-built and in shape, but what seems to stick out for her are the physical scars. I can only conclude that Lothiriel is the nuturing type and while I do not want to say "maternal", I think she wants to nuture him...she evens says, "I just wish I could do something to help." I think in most of your other stories, physical attraction plays a bigger role--and it might later down the road in this one.

Anyway, it just seems different...less focus on the physical attraction and more on the emotional bonding. : )

Most importantly...I liked this chapter. Hope you don't mind the rambling.

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The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan

Bluedot - 25 Feb 10 - 9:29 AM

Ch. 6: Chapter 6

Mmm, things are definitely going up a notch! I suspect that 'Leona' hasn't really had much opportunity to talk about the war, and the sacrifices he has had to make, and it does seem to open Lothiriel's eyes too.

It's good to see 'Leona' from a different angle, although there's nothing wrong with the wet shirt angle either. Two mentions of 'wet man' in the same story (not that I'm counting or anything ...).

Can't wait for the next instalment - really glad you choose to share it.


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