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The Battle of the Kitchens

DKP - 28 Jan 10 - 5:11 PM

Ch. 1: The Battle of the Kitchen

Raksha, this story is delightful on so many different levels.

The PoV is excellent, and excellently chosen. Her thoughts and feelings seemed spot-on and realistic to me, and I like that it is not one of the usual suspects.

The dialogue between Cook and Under-Cook is simply delicious. Both use perfectly-formed epitaphs (*big grin*) and the source of their disagreement - both in the specifics of this particular instance of it and the broader background of social/cultural clash - is also well chosen and believable.

But really, the tour de force of this piece is Faramir. The way you portray him, his impact on everyone in the room, his speech, how he handled the disagreement - impeccable! I love every moment of it! Some favorite phrases:

The kitchen seemed suddenly much smaller. 

"So it is with surprise that I hear such discord in my own household as would befit a nest of Orcs, not good folk of the Free Peoples,..."

like all my life was a book that he was opening

I supposed Cook was not ill-favored for an old widow.  She was over forty years, after all. 

*42-year old reader rolls eyes at that last perspective of young PoV character*

And then, of course, the struggle at the end for the two trouble-makers to find something nice to say about each other. *g*

This is now one of my favorite pieces of yours, and that's saying quite a lot! :)

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The Battle of the Kitchens

Raksha The Demon - 28 Jan 10 - 6:06 PM

Ch. 1: The Battle of the Kitchen

Thanx for the lovely comments, DKP.  Actually, Faramir's handling of the 'battle' was the hardest part of it to write; because I felt it had to be just right.  I so appreciate your saying that I did him justice.

And I did have fun with the OC's.  And to my young narrator, I'd be positively ancient; and I'm older than 42. 

I'm pleased that you liked "Battle of the Kitchens"; thanx again!

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