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No Justice to Yourself

illereyn - 06 Nov 09 - 10:59 PM

Ch. 1: No Justice to Yourself

Nice start!  The complexity of a situation with original Aman, returning Exiles and those from Middle earth is well shaped out.
Just wondering: who was the disasterous affair that erestor has just come out of?  I sense an underlying dynamic but I'm not familiar with your stories.

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No Justice to Yourself

ziggy - 07 Nov 09 - 5:04 AM

Ch. 1: No Justice to Yourself

Erestor is simply marvellous! As Celebrian says- the most foul-mouthed Elf ever! And they so need that in Tirion! Love the way you develop the relatonships here, the hints at wider political perspectives, the simmering passion betweent the two characters that went unrecognised by Erestor all those years ago. The characters are so developed and have depth, not just two dimensional actions. I so enjoyed this. 

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No Justice to Yourself

oshun - 07 Nov 09 - 9:03 PM

Ch. 1: No Justice to Yourself

 Thanks so much Illereyn and Ziggy for reading and commenting.

First, Illereyn, you "who was the disasterous affair that Erestor has just come out of?"  I did have a person in my head, but the prequel to this one has never been written. Don't know if I will get around to writing it or not.

Ziggy, I am so happy that you enjoyed the story and that the characterization worked for you. I suppose I am a bit of a canon heretic in the sense of interpretation, but I certainly try to glean details from all of Tolkien's various versions to enrich the particular story I am trying to tell.

Thanks so much both of you for your generous comments. 

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