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DKP - 24 Sep 09 - 6:42 PM

Ch. 1: Spindrift

I wasn't planning on reading anything this afternoon, but I happened along this story and am so glad I did. It is a wonderful picture of a moment poised on the edge of a wave that would break soon. The feeling of reminiscing and troubled thoughts are both palpable, and I love the title. Also the sense of the palantíri "resonating" with one's mind: a great descriptive image; as is the woman packing up books. Now you have me keenly interested in her story!

Thank you for sharing this.


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Freyalyn - 25 Sep 09 - 1:43 AM

Ch. 1: Spindrift

I can *see* Elendil so clearly at the end of this, standing up briskly, mind resolved - and really, only just in time.

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Nath - 27 Sep 09 - 4:11 AM

Ch. 1: Spindrift

Freyalyn, DKP,

Wow, I'm almost blushing:-) Glad you enjoyed the story.

Freyalyn, yes, he's only just in time, but still soon enough, and they must be reasonably well-prepared militarily, or there would have been more than a year between Sauron's attack on Minas Ithil and the start of the Last Alliance. He'll have some writing to do on the Akallabeth, though... 

DKP, I may yet write the woman's story (once I find out who she is). I certainly don't think I'm done writing in this time period.

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