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A Tree Grows in the Pass

Vaysh - 21 Oct 10 - 12:19 PM

General Comment

***comment containts spoilers***

It's been a very long time since I've read such a stunningly unique fanfiction. I love the idea that Eldarion, Elboron and Alphros would set out to search for the staffs given to Frodo and Sam by Faramir; I love the sense of history and legend that is so vivid in your descriptions of the three young Men's route to Cirith Ungol. That Frodo's staff would turn into a lebethron tree at the outskirts if Mordor totally blew me away. Wow. You took the importance of what trees mean in Tolkien's world and created a tale from it that is so fully entrenched in that elusive "spirit" of Middle-earth, of nature and magic. Of hope. There is so much I appreciate about this story - your insightful portrayal of the memories of Sam and Frodo, the complex relationships between Aragorn and Faramir and their sons, the depictions of the life of the Rangers of Ithilien, the sense of comraderie between the three ... Thank you so much for writing this. (And forgive me for simply posting my review comment.) -- Vaysh

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A Tree Grows in the Pass

Freyalyn - 18 Aug 09 - 3:00 AM

Ch. 1: A Tree Grows in the Pass

I love the way you take tiny bits of throwaway detail and construct beautifully detailed tapestries from them.  Once again, you nearly move me to tears, and this isn't even one of your sad ones!

Is the maple a coastal tree?  If so, I concur that it's a good candidate for lebethron.

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A Tree Grows in the Pass

Larner - 18 Aug 09 - 9:42 AM

Ch. 1: A Tree Grows in the Pass

Thank you so very much, Freyalyn, and you know how much I love hearing that my writing has moved folk emotionally!  No, not a sad story, this one.  I'm just so glad to find it an emotionally satisfying one!

The vine maple is definitely indigenous to the area here, and there are other maple varieties here as well, including a number of imported ornamental Japanese maples beloved by landscapers, some of which are quite striking.

I live on the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, and as a child we used to collect the double-headed maple seeds from our vine maples and drop bunches of them at a time so as to watch them twirl as they fall to the ground like little helicopters.  And if you'd like to see a most original use of them as a form of a prank or practical joke, do read Primsong's "Nothing of Note," in which Bilbo makes very good use of them in getting back at Lotho when said youthful Sackville-Baggins breaks into Bag End in search of Bilbo's reported amended will.  It's available on Stories of Arda and FanFiction net.

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A Tree Grows in the Pass

curiouswombat - 10 Oct 10 - 5:24 AM

Ch. 1: A Tree Grows in the Pass

What a lovely glimpse into the lives of 'the younger generation' so beautifully interwoven with details from the original tale.

How interesting to know, too, that you live on the Olympic Peninsula - I have Live Journal friends there and feel as if I know your area better than I know much of your country.

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