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curiouswombat - 02 May 09 - 2:09 PM

Ch. 1: Actions and Reactions

How lovely to find that you have started to post this follow-up to Light Fingers, which I enjoyed so much.

Poor Ivoreth and, in some ways, poor Elrohir too - slow anger is not a comfortable emotion.

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Jay of Lasgalen - 04 May 09 - 1:02 PM

Ch. 1: Actions and Reactions

I'm glad to see you continuing this story, but really don't understand Elrohir's behaviour.  He's not just angry, he's cruel to Ivoreth. 

Yes, she broke his trust - but she's a child, and didn't understand.  He knows what he's doing and the effect it's having.  I cannot equate this cold, deliberate cruelty with one of the sons of Elrond.

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ErraticPerfectionist - 23 May 09 - 3:24 PM

Ch. 1: Actions and Reactions

You're going to update this soon, yes? I've been re-reading this chapter every week when I go to check for the next chapter! (forgive me for not leaving a comment before now!)

Thank you for continuing to write about Ivoreth, Raini and Elladan! I can't wait to read what happens next!

I was bit dismayed to see Elrohir acting so cold towards Ivoreth, so I hope he forgives her soon.

Please write again quickly! I'll keep checking each week until then.

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Gwaelinn - 08 Aug 09 - 7:31 PM

Ch. 1: Actions and Reactions

Yes!! I was so hoping there would be a sequel!  And so far, this is as gripping as Light
fingers.  I feel for poor Ivoreth...know that feeling--and Elrohir, very beleavable and to be honest, it is nice to have him in the 'not so nice hot temper' for a change.  Somehow, it always seems writers set Elrohir as the gentle, wise one and Elladan as the impetuous, tempermental one!keep it coming! 

Off to


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