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A Bit of Rope

ziggy - 28 Sep 11 - 1:33 PM

Ch. 58: Found

I love this chapter - as you say, much more uplifting but the contrast between Elrohir (I love Elrohir in this- so lovely and in love) and Frodo is painful and beautifully written. I like the acknowledgent Aragorn makes of his injury, and Arwen- I like the fact that the war HAS cost them - it is much more realistic than the original in this respect. And I think the lightness of that last passage is wonderful - but Elrohir mortal! Never to see Elladan or his parents again- that is terribly sad, but also rather lovely as he stays with Aragorn and Awen and that makes so much sense actually. I wanted a bit more of his developing relationship but the bit you did write was superb. Sorry- this is a dull review because I just enjoyed it so much! I really think more of Legolas  in th next chapter will just round this off perfectlyWink and Thranduil- loved the fact that he had become Arwen's champion! 

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A Bit of Rope

Larner - 30 May 12 - 11:49 PM

Ch. 58: Found

Healing comes to all except Frodo--that, unfortunately, has not changed.  Although perhaps, once he is back in the Shire, he might find comforting a certain farmer's daughter brings him comfort as well.

I'm glad he's rewriting Bilbo's adventures, although I fear it will be nowhere as light-hearted as Bilbo's own description proved.  And I rejoice that Merry, Elrohir, and Boromir are all finding love in their lives.

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