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A Bit of Rope

Glîrnardir - 23 Aug 11 - 1:38 AM

Ch. 55: At The Black Gate

This chapter is so sad and gruesome... All of the characters have been traumatized by this dreadful experience, even more than in LotR. I am almost there with them, as they walk through the debris and the undistinguishable masses of flesh that were once the bodies of their comrades

So many losses... Poor Imrahil and Elphir... I truly hope that Erchirion will be well, and that he will be a worthy Prince of fair Dol Amroth. I don't know him very much, but I suspect he will be.

Poor Théodred. Lost in the blink of an eye. I didn't expect that. And when Théoden will die, who shall take his throne? I can already make previsions, and they are very good... is the first letter a B? :)

Poor Sharkglub. I had come to love his character, and I truly hoped he would have been thoroughly healed in the end (although I expressed my doubts on this point). Indeed, Gimli, he deserves much more than the common pyre.

Poor Sam. He didn't deserve such a terrible end. He was ever a loyal servent, a trusty companion and a truehearted friend. Frodo will never be whole without him, after all they have passed through together.

Poor Aragorn. Knowing of the passing of his foster-father must have been terrible for him, if possible the most terrible thing he has experienced in his entire life. Everything he became, everything he is, his very life are owed to Elrond. At least Arwen still lives. But I can't see a roseate future for him as King. I see him weary, weakened by his wound and by the ill news that he has to bear.

And poor, poor, poor Gandalf! Blinded, mutilated, ruined! I don't need to say anything more about him. What you wrote was enough for me.

And by the way, thanks for putting the Ravens in this story, as I suggested, and thanks for the gratitude! Maybe this won't be my last advice, because I feel very committed with this story, and I feel the end is not so near...

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A Bit of Rope

ziggy - 23 Aug 11 - 2:23 AM

Ch. 55: At The Black Gate

Ah. No. You didn't....

Wonderfully written and devastating in its entire sense. Love Legolas' description of flight and his dream...and the terrible state Gandalf is in is utterly convincing and real.

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A Bit of Rope

Larner - 06 Sep 11 - 3:53 AM

Ch. 55: At The Black Gate

I rejoice that the Ravens helped show the way.  But only the one?  Alas for Sam!  Frodo will never be quite the same, I fear, even worse than before, perhaps.  But Sam did what was necessary.

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