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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 09 Apr 10 - 8:55 AM

Ch. 29: Times That Try

Hi Adaneth,

Another great chapter! Veylin took the news very well, I was waiting more resistance. At least, he wants her to be happy.

They really over think too much, but leadership has many responsibilities and their decisions will affect so many people.

They will have so much trouble in their relationship, but I have hope.

So glad that your muse is still with you.

Thank you, MF

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Hand to Hand

Thanwen - 11 Apr 10 - 5:59 AM

Ch. 29: Times That Try

As for the quality of the story and my pleasure taken from it I can only second DKP, and I have to admit that the opening quote leaves me kind of uneasy!

What I liked most, besides the rich flavour of the language, were the glimpses into the chakacters' minds, given implicitly aswell as explicitly. It is stunning to behold Veylin's ability to differentiate regardless of a person's race and cultur though his way of thinking is shown as typically Dvarwen.

And I appreciated the way you portrayed Dirmaen: Blurting out his triumph and happiness, stating to find it hard to be sober and yet behaving as controlled and sober as can be, avoiding any chance of a quarrel with Veylin! Funny, to be sober due to besottedness!

Oh well, everybody could be happy if it wasn't for Saelon's doubts: Her emphasizing that it was only a trial marriage, and that she thinks they might quarrel nearly made me jump out of my skin! Adaneth, what are you up to, presenting a really lovable Dirmaen and his beloved's contradictions in one and the same chapter? It's somehow like bottle-feeding a lamb and mentally thumbing through your recipes for roast lamb at the same time!

Well, I know that life is mostly ungentle, so I'll stop wailing.

Thank you for one more great chapter, eventhough you surely made me grow at least three more grey hairs!

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Hand to Hand

Adaneth - 12 Apr 10 - 12:40 PM

Ch. 29: Times That Try

thumbing through your recipes for roast lamb

Mmm, lamb.  Grin  Saelon, where's the mint sauce?

Come, you didn't expect Saelon to go all starry-eyed, did you?  But I'm sorry if I've given you grey hair over this, Thanwen.

Yes, MF, Veylin does want her to be happy--and he believes there's little point in trying to talk her out of something she's made up her mind on.  After all, Dwarves pride themselves on their endurance.  Perhaps he thinks he can outlast Dírmaen!  Wink

Thank you both for your comments!


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