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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 21 Aug 09 - 3:45 PM

Ch. 21: Taking the Air

Hi Adaneth! welcome back to civilization, hope that you enjoyed your vacation in the Wilds...

Love this chapter, and I will say the same that in my other comment, this people are so suspicious...Dirmaen is only looking for the bad signs, not a good thought in that head...Well, she is so cold (in his mind) that I can blame him.. I can feel his torment, to love without hope (well not my experience)...At least he is better and they are able to talk to each other. He needs to get rid of this guilt that he is feeling for leaving them, it doesn't do any good and no one can control everything, it wasn't his fault, can you, please tell him?

Fransag has become hard, but I can understand, she is a formidable woman, just different to Saelon, which now seems more easy.

Love to read your story, waiting for more and thank you

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Hand to Hand

Tindome - 22 Aug 09 - 2:07 PM

Ch. 21: Taking the Air

...and I will patiently wait for more.

The realistic way you handle you characters makes even love-related-chapters interesting. (What you do with your view on different cultures is too awesome for a short comment.) And I like your pacing very much - slow enough to be believable, yet the story never gets boring.

Maybe  Dírmaen is a bit too depressed here for a real tough ranger-guy, who could know a little about the time that is needed for healing, and should not be ashamed that he can't run before this time - but then, a tiny bit hurt/comfort makes the story more emotional and I do not object. 

Thank you for an update!

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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 27 Aug 09 - 1:30 AM

Ch. 21: Taking the Air


Ah, I really would not like to trade places with Dírmaen... All this frailty must greatly irk him. My thoughts keep returning to poor Tearlag, too. Nothing but inconclusive hints - but then, what is there to say? Anyway, thank you for returning from the wilderness and giving us this new chapter!


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Hand to Hand

Adaneth - 29 Aug 09 - 6:39 AM

Ch. 21: Taking the Air

Vacation?  Laugh out loud  I enjoy my time in the Wild very much, MFfantasia, but I guide a party of inexperienced adventurers--who are as creative as young Hobbits at finding ways to give me more grey hairs.

"Irked" is one way to put it, Elrûn.  Wink

Maybe Dírmaen is a bit too depressed here for a real tough ranger-guy

So long as it's only a tiny bit of hurt/comfort, Tindome.  Smile  This is another manifestation of my mania for realism: Dírmaen's been knocked back by serious blood loss and pneumonia, as well as the wounds themselves--and he's not as young as he used to be.  He's been wounded before, but not laid so low for so long, and that in itself--intimations of mortality--often has a depressing effect.

Aside, of course, from the other emotional complications.

Glad you're all still enjoying the story!



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Hand to Hand

DKP - 07 Sep 09 - 11:20 PM

Ch. 21: Taking the Air

It is easy to go down into Hell... Easy indeed, and Dírmaen has a looong way to climb out again, particularly when I take the next chapter with this one.

I love Randir. Have I mentioned that before? I hope he hangs around and... No, wait, one romance at a time. :)

Ach, poor Dírmaen. No one likes coddling when impatient to be well. But I admit to some irritation, too - jealous of Randir? *sigh*

Fransag and Tearlag. Gah. Thank goodness Saelon found a way to get Tearlag out of that. And I enjoyed her subtle handling of Fransag. For all she loves her solitude, Saelon has quite the people skills. *g*

And nice lead-in to the next chapter, with some actual amiable conversation between them...

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