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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 05 Jun 09 - 4:41 PM

Ch. 16: Echoes

You have updated!...this will be fast, I'm at work...you had me glue to the screen reading this...I was mad with her for not remember his worth and then, full of hope with her thoughts (he was right about the danger, he really loves her, he is handsome...) and the kiss (Dirmaen!!!) and then back to despair with the last sentence, I wanted to scream Hey Saelon, I value him! (I know, I'm hopeless romantic) Now, seriously, I love this story and your Saelon, I'm always complaining about her, but she is an amazing woman and leader, she definitely has a cold mind, but not a cold heart. Waiting for more...thank you

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Hand to Hand

DKP - 05 Jun 09 - 8:25 PM

Ch. 16: Echoes

SQUEEE!!! *cough* Sorry, the subtleties of your chapter deserve more, but that was definitely my lasting impression at the end. :)

Powerful resonances in the title; I can see more than one person/event it's applicable to. Sure wish that opening quote wasn't quite so melancholy, though, partnered with this particular chapter...

I like Halpan and his concern; he seems to have steadied-up a lot over the last couple of stories. I rather like Randir, too - I don't suppose there's a slot for him somewhere in our continuing cast of characters?

Saelon could not in honesty say aye... Dírmaen had struck her as a cautious man, rather: a watcher, quiet, calculating. *rolls eyes* Rescue attempt notwithstanding, I guess.

Saelon could hear the grief in his voice. That was a nice touch; good to know that Dírmaen's precipitous departure did not harden hearts towards him.

"I cannot believe, Lady," he observed, "that anything is more stubborn than the two of you together." Lol! *That* was an even nicer touch! And makes me wonder what might have been remarked on amongst the others.

Shocked, she did not think to drop the bowl at once, so she could use that hand to push him away. I'm going to hope that there's more to that oversight about the bowl than just shock...

If she did not value him, others did. You got that right, lady! *stands in solidarity with other Dírmaen fangurls*

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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 08 Jun 09 - 12:59 AM

Ch. 16: Echoes


The news concerning Dírmaen is most welcome - would that it had a merrier taste! The ranger's despair is palpable, an even more dangerous wound indeed. Please do not let him perish - Has there not been enough death?


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Hand to Hand

Adaneth - 10 Jun 09 - 8:20 AM

Ch. 16: Echoes

*looks around at all the Dírmaen fangurls*  Oh, oh . . . .  Might they gang up on me?  Wink

Thank you for the kind and enthusiastic comments, Fantasia, DKP, and Elrûn!

she definitely has a cold mind, but not a cold heart.

That's a very apt description, Fantasia.  Although I know some of you still wish both were warmer.

Glad you're still enjoying the Dwarvish culture exploration, DKP.



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