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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 27 Mar 09 - 4:26 PM

Ch. 11: The Best Defense

Adaneth, I'm glad that you have posted, glad that the dwarves are going to the rescue, glad that Hanadan is Ok, but I'm still going to have a heart attack if you don't inform us about Dirmaen's condition and where the other men are, I can't believe that the brigands will kill al of them, the Rangers were already there looking for them, BTW, where are the other Rangers? I don't want to complaint, I did enjoy this chapter and the interaction between Hanadan and the dwarves was priceless, the culture different is hilarious, that little scene trying to figure out if he was old enough for drinking was great, but can you just update soon? I want to know what is happening outside the dwarves' cave!!! Thank you, Fantasia

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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 30 Mar 09 - 4:41 AM

Ch. 11: The Best Defense


it is heartening to see the dwarves rushing to the rescue - and very refreshing to see things from their perspective: What indeed is the difference between Dúnedain and Edain?

Thank you for updating despite RL's vagaries:


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Hand to Hand

Adaneth - 10 Apr 09 - 1:13 PM

Ch. 11: The Best Defense

Thank you for your comments, Fantasia and Elrûn--I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get back to you earlier.  But some of your questions are answered in the latest chapter.

Hang in there!  Thank you for your patience!


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Hand to Hand

DKP - 24 Apr 09 - 11:03 AM

Ch. 11: The Best Defense

I'm lagging behind, but at least some of the suspense can be better appreciated from this vantage point! 

For instance, I'm not sure I would otherwise have caught the neat parallel between Thyrnir on watch at the beginning of this chapter and him on watch a couple of chapters further on. What a change an evening makes, in attitude and for whom the watch is conducted. 

Loved your usual neat details, such as why Veylin, being home, had not made it to White Cliffs yet. Love seeing Auð, as always – I think she is one of my favorite characters in the fandom, OC or original, and that is saying a lot! Thoroughly enjoyed her and Sút's reaction to Hanadan (appalled fascination – perfect!), and Auð's thoughts reflect so clearly the Dwarven attitude about children. (And such a charge, to care for another's child without their leave. Etc.) 

That earned her a peculiar look.  "He is Edain," Hanadan said, as if that explained all. Another telling little snippet... 

"Half a crown says the man-child eats less than you the rest of this day." This whole bit had me chortling in delight. And Auð's dry displeasure at the end left me reflective about women's roles in Dwarven society and their own thoughts about it, good and bad.

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