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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 16 Feb 09 - 9:53 AM

Ch. 8: Wolf's-Head


Great! Another chapter and with a promise of more action...I'm so glad to see Dirmaen and he seems more recover and sure of himself. the hunt scene was very good. So he is a son of a Lord but not the heir...I can wait to see the what is need and I'm ready for see theRangers hunting outlaw.. 

The prevoius chapetr was very interesting too, I liked to know about the dwarves and specially about the female population, we know so little about them.

Thanks and waiting for more...I'm very busy but I always read your stories.


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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 19 Feb 09 - 3:09 AM

Ch. 8: Wolf's-Head


It is good to see Dírmaen back in the fray. Well can I understand the fear he feels. It would be tragic indeed, if woe befell Saelon's people right after he left them to their own devices... I hope his concerns are proved wrong, or better still that he may prove his prowess in the chapters to come...


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Hand to Hand

DKP - 22 Feb 09 - 10:36 PM

Ch. 8: Wolf's-Head

I've been flooded and drowned by RL (fortunately not literally) and so have been terrible about properly reviewing your last few wonderful chapters. Suffice to say, they are intriguing and delightful, with all your usual command of prose and lovely details and turns of phrase and world-building, and the characters I dearly love.

And a mighty cliffhanger...

I hope you relieve your poor readers soon. I read "Wolf's-head" a week ago and my mind has been turning over possible scenarios since, with the same panicky feeling as Dírmaen!

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Hand to Hand

Adaneth - 27 Feb 09 - 11:52 AM

Ch. 8: Wolf's-Head

I've been flooded and drowned by RL . . . .

Want to share a life ring?  Smile

Apologies, Fantasia and Elrûn and DKP, for not replying sooner, but it's been a struggle to keep my head above water the last week or so.  This is why I needed to be sure I was well ahead of the curve on my story, because I think you would all kill me if I left you at the newly posted chapter until I found time to write the next.  I know my faithful readers will want me to post more quickly for a bit, but I'm rationing what I have so the whole thing comes with as little delay as possible.

Just to be clear, Fantasia--Dírmaen's father is not a lord, but his great-grandfather was (the third son of the second son of the third son . . . isn't that what I said?).



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