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Hand to Hand

mffantasia - 01 Dec 08 - 11:14 AM

Ch. 1: Homecoming


I'm so glad that you are posting again, I've missed your stories. This review is short, because I'm returning form vacation and have a lot of things to do, plus couldn't really read the chapter that well.

I'm happy that you are writing about Dirmaen and his love, he is one of my favorites, and it seems to me that the elves are getting a better treatment than in your previous stories, they were not that nice folks before, although I did like your tiwns, Elrohir better, but I guess that the closer elves to humans in the whole middle earth, sothey are different than the rest.

Anyway, know that I enjoy your stories and I'll be waiting for more, no doubt!



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Hand to Hand

DKP - 01 Dec 08 - 11:30 PM

Ch. 1: Homecoming

I'm so very glad that your muse has been kind, Adaneth! It's such a delight to walk with your wonderful characters again.

Excellent beginning; I love the ship and the assurance it represents, Hanadan and his muddled counting (Was Cairrâd speaking of Elendil?), and the welcome partly spent keeping Saelon out of the caves. Hmm, if Rian has come into her own as temporary Lady of the settlement, I hope there will not be another hearth war. *g* Saelon is as marvelous as always!

Thanks for sharing another treasure with us!

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Hand to Hand

Elrûn - 04 Dec 08 - 7:47 AM

Ch. 1: Homecoming


It is good to see Saelon back on mortal shores - and yet, so much remains to be settled. Dírmaen reduced to a horse groom? I certainly hope this is not permanent. And then, I am curious to find out about what lies in store for Saelon... Are her suspicions justified?


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Hand to Hand

Adaneth - 12 Dec 08 - 7:10 AM

Ch. 1: Homecoming

Thank you for your comments, Elrûn, DKP, and mffantasia--I'm glad I didn't have to leave you in suspense for too long.

Dírmaen a mere horse-groom?  Hm, don't think so.  Check out the next chapter, Elrûn, which I've just posted, and see how things are developing on that front.

I like to think that some of my Elves are nice people, mffantasia!  But they are people, so it depends on whether you get on their good side or their bad side.  Wink  Trespassing makes a bad first impression on the neighbors, but time will tell whether Saelon can make up for that.

No, it's not Elendil, DKP--keep going.  Smile  (When you run through the list of the Chieftains and the Kings of Arthedain and Arnor, Unfinished Tales has the Numenorean king-list.)



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