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Tales of the Great Forest

ziggy - 27 Dec 08 - 9:48 AM

General Comment

I have so enjoyed these folk tales- you have got the tone exactly right and I love the way you have presented these. The theme of the super powerful and rather oblivious Elvenking is typical of North European folk tales and the idea of the Hunt is reminiscent of the Norse and  Celtic Wild Hunt- the elves in your stories are wild and magical. I think Vol works well. I loved the story of the woman who was chased off whilst they continued feasting, and met the Dwarf King! And the Hunter's Cat is wonderful translated into Tolkien's world- brilliant. I have just wanted to read something like this over Christmas and you have gone and written it. Thank you!

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Tales of the Great Forest

Akatsukami - 27 Dec 08 - 10:57 AM

General Comment

Thank you, ziggySmile  "Vod and the Elvenking" and "The King of the Dwarves" are in fact based on German folktales of the Wild Hunt, or Furious Host as they usually called it.  I'm certain that Tolkien must have known them also -- and just as certain that, even though he didn't include them in his written legendarium, he could have imagined his Woodmen sitting by the fireside, telling like tales to enthrall their children.

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Tales of the Great Forest

ziggy - 04 Jan 09 - 2:09 PM

Ch. 4: The Two Hunchbacks

Another terrific folk tale that feels so authentic. The atmosphere is really good and the use you make of all the senses contributes to that.

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