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The Kindness of Strangers

Aganaphel - 06 Nov 08 - 12:49 AM

Ch. 16: Lord of Thieves

This is a wonderful story exploring what might have been during Gandalf's captivity in Orthanc.  The ravens are delightful. The old Gray wizard and Saruman are very much in character. I really loved the portrait of Saruman: not yet wholly evil, but with some remorse and pity left. I hope you will continue and tell about Saruman's meeting with the Nine. In Unfinished Tales Saruman kept the nazgul outside, beyond the Gates,  but in your fic he let them enter Orthanc: it is bound to be even more perilous and exciting. Cheers, Aganaphel.

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The Kindness of Strangers

Aiwendiel - 06 Nov 08 - 3:56 PM

Ch. 16: Lord of Thieves

Thanks, Aganaphel! I so appreciate your comments, I didn't expect any since I hadn't submitted this for review yet. I am very pleased you like the characterizations and the ravens. Yes, it is a work in progress, and I am musing on the meeting between Saruman and the Nine, and probably one more chapter. Hmm, perhaps you shouldn't assume that they enter Orthanc... that light at the door doesn't necessarily mean "welcome, come on in..".  I'm sort of following Unfinished Tales, version "C" of the story.


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The Kindness of Strangers

thelauderdale - 30 May 11 - 12:23 PM

Ch. 16: Lord of Thieves

"But I don't see why you didn't just come out and ask me in the first place!"

Indeed!  And while I suppose that, had he asked outright, the eagle might have said no at once...but then again, he might not have.  Or he might have proved amendable to persuasion and the invocation of his uncle (as he finally does in this instance.)  Sometimes Gandalf's penchant for cleverness, indirection, and manipulation are his undoing.

By the way, I liked our raven friends' discourse on the less...noble traits of the great Eagles.

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