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The Kindness of Strangers

thelauderdale - 30 May 11 - 8:41 AM

Ch. 4: The Means to Persuade

Reading on, reading on... I will say that it is curious that Gandalf has not tried to ask Coräc serve as a messenger for him, or in any way besought his assistance.  I think...and this may not be entirely kind of me, but I think he is too proud.  That or stubbornly maintaining a world view and an idea of Saruman that simply does not work anymore.  This is not something that Gandalf can fix on his own.  He *will* need the help of others to get out of this situation, he can't do it all under his own power, and he does not want to realize that.  That's all I can think, anyhow.

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The Kindness of Strangers

Aiwendiel - 30 May 11 - 10:53 AM

Ch. 4: The Means to Persuade

To thelauderdale: OH oh oh OH yes, your reading of why our proud captive wizard isn't able to ask for help at this point is right on, righter on than I even consciously planned, I will admit! He's open to speaking to a raven, but unlike his "cousin" Radagast he'd be unlikely to think that a mere raven could actually help. AND he's just stuck on trying to fix his "other cousin" Saruman and bring him back into the fold. He will learn from his errors all too soon. Thanks for reading this one! A

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The Kindness of Strangers

ziggy - 14 Aug 11 - 1:27 AM

Ch. 4: The Means to Persuade

This sort of detail is what brings Corac absolutely to life. He is so vivid and distinct a character:

A bright green beetle scurried across the floor right at Coräc's feet. Without the slightest hesitation, he snatched it up with his beak and swallowed it whole. The bird looked up, and it crossed his mind that it may have been impolite to eat in front of a hungry man. But then again, one never knew when the next meal would come, and only an idiot passed up food that walked right in front of you

but he asks questions that are very sensible too and notices the condition of Gandalf and that just gives such a strong visual imagery.

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