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Days of Darkness and Despair

Kestrel - 16 Aug 08 - 5:54 PM

General Comment

These are certainly dark days for Imladris and Lorien!  I think the different POVs work very well;  between the twins, Celeborn and Galadriel, Elrond and Arwen and even Erestor.  You certainly bring up good reasons, from Celebrian's POV, why she left for healing in Valinor.  What struck me as most poignant is Elladan and Elrohir trying to talk to her, not knowing that she's been knocked deaf, and can't hear them.  That put a lump in my throat!   You have made an excellent start on this tale!  As hard as it is to read (due to the subject matter, not your writing, of course) I want to read more!

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Days of Darkness and Despair

Agape4Gondor - 26 Aug 08 - 9:58 PM

General Comment

Kestral, can't thank you enough for the kind words. I'm not used to writing Elves - so I much appreciate your acceptance of the different POVs...

As for Celebrian's leaving - it brought to mind the fact that we never do know if Celeborn left. The books state that he went to Rivendell and stayed with Elrohir and Elladan after Galadriel left Middle-earth. I'm wondering if any of this had to do with Celebrian's torture. We'll see what the Muse comes up with.

Many thanks for your kind comments and for reviewing! Most appreciated! 

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Days of Darkness and Despair

Lissa - 29 Aug 08 - 12:00 PM

General Comment

Moving tale!

Celebrian's horror that will not cease because she is locked in her nightmare and unable to comprehend she has been freed, and the pain of those who love and tries, in vain, to ease her pain - all of this brought tears to my eyes.

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