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Will Overruled By Fate

illereyn - 30 Aug 08 - 8:58 PM

General Comment

What a wonderful and interesting story, Oshun! I liked your characterisation fo Celeborn, Haldir and Beleg very much - unique but very believable. I also liked your description of gorgeous Celeborn!


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Will Overruled By Fate

oshun - 01 Sep 08 - 2:36 PM

General Comment

Thanks, illereyn. I am delighted you liked the story. Especially glad you liked Celeborn. I have always liked him. Although he was a bit of stretch from canon in this one, I truly hoped he had a certain appeal.

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Will Overruled By Fate

Thevina Finduilas - 20 Feb 09 - 5:41 PM

General Comment

This story was an especially delicious delicacy for me to read; I got into the second chapter and realized that I had read it before... and to my discredit, I don't think I'd left you a comment before. There are so many wonderful elements to this story: the hotness of Celeborn and Haldir, and how very believable it is that Haldir wants to enjoy him and then how difficult it is to let him go, especially when Celeborn returns to rub salt in the wound of their separation. Beleg seems to have no unfortunate qualities, and I was rather swooning over him when becoming reacquainted with him during this second reading. The tattoo, and the detail surrounding it, was particularly appreciated. Even the young Elvish youth lounging gorgeously at the café seemed perfectly in his place in the story! This actually awakened in me my lurking romantic. Your writing, as always, was eloquent and yet not at all heavy-handed. Thank you for the enjoyable time spent in Tirion, both the first time I read it and today, during this second, dazzling visit.   

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