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After Sirion

Lissa - 29 Jul 08 - 11:12 AM

General Comment

Great story!  I'm glad you disregarded that cave; this works beautifully.

Very plausible reactions, both from the twins and their captors:

Maedhros and Maglor must have wanted to do everything they could to protect these innocents, remembering how they failed Elúred and Elúrin. At the same time, they must have been in shock from losing the last of their own brothers.

And since both Elrond and Elros grew up to be the admirable persons we know they became, then the last Fëanorians must have done a good job of raising them.

Well done!

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After Sirion

Kestrel - 30 Jul 08 - 10:11 AM

Ch. 1: I

The different POVs really enhance this story.  I agree with your view of Maedhros (my favorite Feanorion, anyway); much fanfiction has shown him as cruel and abusive to the elflings, but he was the eldest of seven and I'm sure bore some responsibility for their care.  As bittersweet as this is, the ending shows some promise of hope for the futures of Elrond and Elros.  Wonderful reading!

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After Sirion

oshun - 30 Jul 08 - 11:28 PM

Ch. 4: IV

Nicely done. Really enjoyed reading it.

Particularly liked the line: "What is happiness but to fall asleep with the certain knowledge that one's brother is safe? The possibility of it gleams like an unattainable jewel, clear and miraculous."

I've become so accustomed to rampant Maedhros-bashing (not at all the way Tolkien wrote him, by the way), that I am usually almost afraid to read stories about him, unless I know the writer personally. Congrats on writing such a lovely story.

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