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Prince of Horses, Lord of Stone

oshun - 29 Apr 09 - 12:46 AM

Ch. 35: Back in Lothlorien… Sworn duty, destiny, love and hope.

I should have commented on this before. I am not often drawn into a true AU, but I am enjoying this one beyond my most optimistic expectations. Your alternate storyline is convincing and creative. I must admit to a weakness for Théodred and Boromir knowing one another and being close and you do them so well. I especially like your interpretation of the Elves. They are thoroughly LotR Elves, with that slightly alien quality that distinguishes them both from Men and the Elves of The Silmarillion. The youngest of them are so much older than the Elves I write about in the early First Age and prior, with Ages of completely different experiences behind them and it shows. I think there was a phrase you used that they are like but unlike Men. The LotR Elves should be different from the younger, rasher Silmarillion Elves, less like Men, and yet still understandable. So happy you are continuing with this story.

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Prince of Horses, Lord of Stone

Elen Kortirion - 29 Apr 09 - 1:05 PM

Ch. 35: Back in Lothlorien… Sworn duty, destiny, love and hope.

Thank you, Oshun, for your very generous comments, I'm delighted you are enjoying the story - such positive remarks are so very encouraging to a writer.  :-)

 The story will continue (I've already written the Epilogue), but I confess the posting may be slow-ish.  I plan now to write the complete remaining Elvish thread before returning to the Mannish side of the story, and then I'll post the chapters alternately so the time-frame remains coherent.  Re-writing much of the original takes time! ~_^

 I'm glad you like the Elves - I've always considered them fierce and dangerous beings, alike to us, but ultimately with a different agenda.  Noble yes, but capable of passion and anger, and certainly of cold, casual violence when it comes to dealing with orcs. 'We may look like you, but we are not you... never forget that!' is what one of them says.  I think that's how it should be.

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