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A Yearling Shoot

RS - 06 Mar 08 - 8:05 PM

Ch. 1: A Birch of Many Seasons


I'm glad to see this posted here.


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A Yearling Shoot

Lissa - 01 May 09 - 7:43 AM

Ch. 2: The Weight of Water

Oh, so very sad, but it all makes perfect sense.

She was raised to work hard, but has just been leading a life in luxury, with much too much time to think.

She was young and still newly-wed when she lost her husband; of course she'd miss him, the physical parts of love as much as his company. And Elrond is wise and kind and so very beautiful...

Soon her son will be leaving and she feels a stranger among the Elves more than ever, now that her purpose is lost.

It is not so strange that she feels the way she does. :-(

Lovely writing!

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A Yearling Shoot

peredhil lover - 01 May 09 - 10:16 PM

Ch. 2: The Weight of Water


Thanks so much for reviewing :) I'm glad to know that you enjoyed my portrayal of Gilraen here. I realize it's not a common way to depict Gilraen after almost two decades in Imladris, but I've given it a lot of thought, and as you say, it makes perfect sense—well, to me anyway! ;) >It's a very human reaction to being so isolated from one's own kind for so long, and surrounded by these beautiful beings—and that is exactly my point, Gilraen is human.

Anyway, thanks again so much,

peredhil lover

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