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Boyz on Bath Day

Larner - 05 Mar 08 - 1:05 PM

Ch. 1: Boyz on Bath Day

Believe me, Aiwendil, it is an honor to be compared to Grey Wanderer.  Her story "Thinking About Marigold" is one you should appreciate.  It's posted on Stories of Arda and West of the Moon to my knowledge.  But reading this one, I was so reminded of one of hers in which she had Pippin obsessing on size of feet and....

This is so funny!  And I'm glad that Gimli doesn't have the chance to know that he's outdone in this department by the Elf!  Heh!

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Boyz on Bath Day

RS - 06 Mar 08 - 7:49 PM

Ch. 1: Boyz on Bath Day

OMG!!! THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! This kept me laughing from beginning to the end!  Oh how I wish I was there to "witness" this whole thing!

Pippin," "It appears that the Captain of Gondor has lost his crown" --- CLASSIC!! And not to mention PRICELESS!

....I hope Gimli never finds out either!

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Boyz on Bath Day

Aiwendiel - 08 Mar 08 - 1:14 PM

Ch. 1: Boyz on Bath Day

Ooh t'anks, RS and Larner, "hilarious"  and "so funny" was even better than I'd hoped for. I'm still getting my chuckles out of picturing the 3 nesting pairs of birds in each of those eyebrows...


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Boyz on Bath Day

Vistula the Dunadan - 12 Mar 08 - 8:16 PM

Ch. 1: Boyz on Bath Day

Waaaaaaaay too cute Aiwendiel!! Boys will be boys after all...won't they.

A fun read!


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