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From Afar

tcilurso - 30 Apr 08 - 2:38 AM

Ch. 18: Epilogue

Lizbit -

I'm so sorry that you have been ill, and I too have been busy and had computer problems. Updates to this story have always brightened up my in-box, and I will miss them; however, I greatly enjoyed this story and glad that they had a happy ending.

 If you ever write more stories (with Boromir or not), I'll be happy to read them.

Thank you.

Teri Cilurso


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From Afar

lubartow - 01 May 08 - 2:50 PM

Ch. 18: Epilogue

I'm glad you shared the story with us (I was beginning to think it had been abandoned).  It kept my interest through the last chapter, which makes it a success in my opinion.   Well done!

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From Afar

Rithralindë - 14 May 08 - 8:32 PM

Ch. 18: Epilogue

 Sorry I haven't been back so soon to let you know what I think, I've had so many things going on with work and a few of my classes, ugh.
Now that's over though, I greatly enjoyed the last chapter (even if it almost broke my heart as well! Thinking you'd do such a terrible thing...My lips are sealed), especially that it was written with such suspense and kept us on our toes (well, mine at least). I really enjoyed how you didn't take the easy way out, it made the story all the more thrilling to read and charming. Personally, when reviewing stories, I always try to look for this, and you m'lady have a knack for it!

 As Teri has said, if you ever write any other works, please let us know!!! I'm really looking forward to any future works with any characters. Keep up the work, and don't be afraid of your talent and truly making a saga.

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