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From Afar

lubartow - 09 Mar 08 - 1:45 PM

Ch. 11: Gondorian Idle

Just a note to say I enjoyed the latest chapter - it answers one question ("How on earth could someone from Gondor make a living in Maine?").  I don't know much about horses, but I am sure that training them has changed little through the centuries.

By the way, I'm probably as much of a stickler for detail as anyone, but I've learned to accept the fact that in these type of stories everyone speaks (or reads) English right from the start.  Having strangers learn the new language they encounter is just a detail that has to be gotten of the way, since anyone with any intelligence will get over it eventually.  So (and I think most readers will agree with me) why bother to make a big deal of it?  Your story is working just fine without any explanation of the language issue.

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From Afar

disa - 10 Mar 08 - 11:08 AM

Ch. 11: Gondorian Idle

Hi! I'm also new to HASA, and I had no idea you'd have to write me the email alert yourself! I guess I thought a message would pop up automatically in my inbox when you posted a new chapter or something lol...

I've been spying on this story for a while, but normally I never comment on any story since English isn't my first language and it would be so typically me to unintentionally say something really stupid:). Anyway, I liked this chapter! That Boromir got something to do made the story move forward - in a direction that I like! I'd miss him if you decided to send him back to Middle Earth:). And he has nothing to do there besides being dead anyway, right? *looks at you with big puppy eyes*

And I really like that you treat ME as a parallel universe and not the past, as some do, btw. Just the small fact that ME doesn't develop progressively would totally ruin the story for me otherwise;)...

Thanks for the story, and good luck with your writing!


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From Afar

Rithralindë - 12 Mar 08 - 8:36 PM

Ch. 11: Gondorian Idle

I particularly liked this chapter, maybe it's because Boromir and I have gone through some of the same employment problems, and rewards. This may be the year of the rat, but it took me forever with interviews and millions of apps to start work back up again. I ended up finally finding a place the first time I walked in (which, situation wise, was literally the same as here Boromir. The person who previously had my job just got up and left, then like the fey I just decided to try the place and gave them an application, and was hired. To make it even more creepy, I work with animals too, but in pet grooming, except I have my fair share of dogs that could be horses if they wanted to...Rolling my eyesLaugh out loud).
I really enjoyed how you hit the nail on the head with his feeling afterwards. If anything could be exactly what it felt like for me to have a job again, it is as you wrote. That really made the chapter enjoyable and in some ways, heartwarming.

Wonderful work again! Keep it up, please!

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