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After Stormy Seas

Elrûn - 06 Aug 08 - 2:09 AM

Ch. 11: All Flags Flying

Dear Adaneth,

How good to see another chapter of your story! I have to marvel at Veylin, both for understanding the comments made in Quenya and for staying his hand. Once again my heart goes out to poor Dírmaen: so eager to please, and yet so empty-handed... Please don't make him suffer more than necessary!


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After Stormy Seas

Adaneth - 06 Aug 08 - 4:16 AM

Ch. 11: All Flags Flying

Thanks for picking up the story again so quickly, Elrûn.  Profuse apologies for leaving you all hanging so long, but RL has been a pest, and I didn't want the story to suffer for my distraction.

To anyone else who might comment, if you don't get a reply in a timely fashion, it is because I am about to be dragged off an an adventure in the Wild.  But I will get back to you as soon as I return.  If the beasties and such don't get me.  Wink



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After Stormy Seas

DKP - 30 Sep 08 - 8:33 PM

Ch. 11: All Flags Flying

Ah, Adaneth, what a joy it is to submerge myself back into your world after a time away! And, because you'd made some changes to the already-written chapters, I had an excellent excuse to go back to the story's beginning. Well worth savoring...


I'm just repeating myself, but I love your writing, the descriptions, the characterizations, the way you put such lovely flavors into each PoV with perfect metaphors, etc., whether Man, Elf or Dwarf.


Perfect chapter title as always - Saelon's appearance before the Elves was wonderful. All those spectators; such a pity some of them were disappointed. It made me wonder if some of what drew all those people was contrived by Cirdan, given the seemingly purposeful misdirection in his words to Saelon that can now be spread by the attentive audience. I did love getting it all from Veylin's perspective, too.

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