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Blue Book of Melleth: Different Skills

annmarwalk - 12 Jan 08 - 3:01 PM

General Comment

You know I'm a great fan of your Melleth: the fascinating backstory of her younger days, how she ended up in Minas Tirith, and her fierce rivalry with Denethor over the affections of Finduilas and her sons. What you've presented here, though, is both intriguingly plausible and richly fantastical - that she would arrange secret, surrogate guards for Boromir as he grew into young manhood; that she would silently observe his tastes and provide the means and opportunity for him to continue his education, and most of all, that she would guide him in ways to act as a counselor and guide to his growning brother. In many ways she's a Doppelganger (is that the correct word?) to EdorasLass's Nanny, teaching those boys the slightly darker side, skills they will need for survival that can scarcely be taught using tradtional methods.

The premise of the story itself, lively and vigourous young men playfully taking their ease on flat sunny rocks or refreshing, secluded pools - provides all kind of delightful mental imagery. You're written this with such as sense of joy and innocence it's a pleasure to read. I like the way you've understated the opportunities for them to indulge themselves in other delights.

Faramir's confusion and embarrassment as he compares his own equipment to what he sees around him is very realistic, I think, and also the way you subtley convey that he's at the age where his body can easily overtake his mind. The wankery was well described, in a very matter-of-fact manner, while you did an excellent job of expressing his feelings of guilt and shame. And Boromir's heart-to-heart talk with him - I confess that I chortled madly thoroughout the whole scene. Poor Boromir trying to tell Faramir just enough, but not too much, so as to not completely confuse the boy!

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