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Gwynnyd's Alphabet Prompt Drabbles

Alassante - 24 Jun 08 - 4:08 PM

Ch. 10: J - The Skills That Keep You Alive (Glorfindel, Aragorn)

I wanted to leave a copy of your MEFA review on here so you had it with the story.

Once again - I am in awe of Gwynnyd's writing. This tale was amusing as well. Writing about Glorfindel teaching a young Estel to do the very unmanly task of sewing beads in order to teach him how to fight was brilliant. And she made Elladan and Glorfindel all sexy in the their 'I'm a suave elf and can do anything better than you' way. Plus Glorfindel instills in Aragorn a respect for the finer details of battle and the fact that it takes more than just picking up a sword and swinging to actually fight well. Estel's eagerness to learn as well as impress Glorfindel made you really feel how this child would probably have been cherished by those who knew of his fate and wanted to prepare him to the best of their ability to face the future. He would be hunted when he left Rivendell and Glorfindel, Elrond, and the twins would want to make sure that Estel did not go out there blind. I could not help wondering if encouraging him to be able to cut the buttons off a foe's jacket, didn't also apply to cutting buttons off a lady's dress! I can just imagine what these elves, all confirmed bachelors at this point, had to say about seducing women to a young Estel who wanted to know more about S-E-X. haha Then, in a typical one two punch, after she gets me all warm and fuzzy about these manly men being all nurturing she delivers the last line.

And I almost spewed drink out of my nose.

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