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Of Like Passion

DKP - 07 Oct 07 - 3:53 PM

Ch. 15: Heart of the Mountains

I've spent the last few nights reading this story cycle, and it has been well worth the loss of sleep. I am very much a character-driven reader, and yours are living, breathing, three-dimensional individuals, complete with strengths, weaknesses and quirks. It is wonderful watching each of them grow and change through the series. They fit perfectly into this incredible world you have created, with complex and well-developed cultures and - of course - the wild and extraordinary scenery. Their interactions with each other and their environment are often priceless and always well handled. I've been entranced since the first chapter of Rock and Hawk (see above on loss of sleep).

In this installment, I've enjoyed Gwinnor very much, for he is quite entertaining even at his most annoying moments. That Saelon finds he is actually beyond her ability to handle is a tremendous hurdle for her, and (as much as I adore her strong character) an important step in her development; I'm glad that you never shy away from showing her limits.

Auð's introduction and perspective has been excellent as well, as have all the Dwarves. So even Dwarves think Veylin has a tender heart... I'm really feeling for him right now, thinking that the coast is finally clear, and here comes Gwinnor back to White Cliffs.

The romantic in me is thrilled with Dírmaen's latest developments, even as I ache for him, poor fellow. I'm not sure exactly why, but I have held high hopes for "the quiet one" ever since his appearance in Fair Folk and Foul. I am very interested to see if and/or how he figures out Saelon: the reasons for her inability to see his regard are obvious to us, having seen her perspective on Men's lack of respect for her strength and independence - which came very recently from the Rangers themselves. Whether it ever works out or not, it be no easy road for either of them.

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Of Like Passion

Adaneth - 08 Oct 07 - 4:43 AM

Ch. 15: Heart of the Mountains

Thank you, DKP--and for catching that mispelling in Fair Folk and Foul (which has been corrected)!

I'm beginning to wonder if I don't need to post some kind of warning, given the number of people who seem to devour this when they discover it.  That wasn't a problem earlier, but as the cycle grows, so does the danger!  Wink

That Saelon finds he is actually beyond her ability to handle is a tremendous hurdle for her, and (as much as I adore her strong character) an important step in her development; I'm glad you never shy away from showing her limits.

No matter how strong you are, there is always someone or something that you cannot overcome.  (At least not alone.)  How you deal with hitting that wall says a lot about your character . . . and, ideally, you learn from the experience.  Challenges help us grow.

Saelon has learned not to mind (so much) that the Dwarves are so much wealthier than her folk.  Let's see how she does with an intellectual superior.  Grin



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