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The White Tower

Kestrel - 06 Feb 08 - 1:09 PM

General Comment

Very very interesting point of view! Very good characterization on  Elwing and the Feonorians, and all the other characters.  I was as surprised as Elwing that Amrod and Amras would give the Silmaril back.  Well, the oath didn't really say they had to keep the things, I suppose.  Good description of life in Valinor.  Paradise, with a price. Wouldn't want to have to live there, as beautiful as it is.  I liked the tension between Elwing and Elrond.  Your impression  of the Silmarils reminded me of the One Ring; that these objects had their own power and kind of took over whoever was using them.  Like the Silmarils didn't want to let Feanor go.  I guess the lesson is to leave this sort of creating to Illuvatar!   

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The White Tower

Gwynnyd - 08 Feb 08 - 7:20 AM

General Comment

I am breathless! That is a wonderful story. For the first time I have some understanding of Elwing and her life.

I thought your treatment of the sons of Feanor was brilliant.

Thank you so much for writing this.

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The White Tower

Adaneth - 11 Feb 08 - 3:18 PM

General Comment

Poor Eärendil: sounds like he might have welcomed an extended holiday.  Pity they couldn't have given the twins the job!

Lovely descriptions and alternative "technology."



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