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Strange Stars

Envinyatar - 26 May 07 - 12:32 AM

Ch. 12: World Enough And Time

Congratulations, Jael, this was a great story that worked on so many levels. The character development was subtly done - at first I thought it was a very amusing AU romp, but in the end you made it so much more than that. I was pleased to see the TBC at the end of chapter 11 as the story had seemed to be wrapping up, yet I was eager to see what Legolas would have to say to Aragorn. What did happen was totally unexpected to me, yet surprisingly sweet.

Great use of wit and humour throughout and the story leaves us with interesting speculation as to what Legolas might do with his new-found maturity. Can't help wondering what might happen with Gimli, now that Legolas has learnt to enjoy 'passing time underground'!

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Strange Stars

Peregrin_Ionad - 26 May 07 - 3:32 AM

Ch. 12: World Enough And Time

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this story, whilst not being at all what I'd usually read, I found it a really good read.

I thought it was great that the people he meets have had a totally different experience in the war.

two thumbs up, but I'd better get back to my flute........

  Peregrin Ionad Critter

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Strange Stars

Maeve Riannon - 26 May 07 - 2:39 PM

Ch. 12: World Enough And Time

Surprising end, yet fitting. And I´m glad that the mystery of the tattoo (why was he so reticent to have it set on that part of his body?) was finally explained.

Arwen´s "Elrond look" LOL. I suppose you kept getting interferring images of Movie Elrond here. ;)


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Strange Stars

Marchwriter - 26 Jan 12 - 8:36 AM

Ch. 12: World Enough And Time

I had not the slightest bit of patience to wait for this tale to be told in its entirety on Faerie. How fortunate that I found it here! A fascinating, beautiful, wondrous piece, true to character and life. Thanks for an absorbing read! 


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