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Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty

Aganaphel - 01 May 07 - 12:01 PM

Ch. 9: Last Preparations

Great new chapter, Maeve.


So Inziladun has finally grown up. Very interesting Council meeting, and our first meeting with Gimilkhad, his father's favorite. Very good take on Valandil's attitude to Death, so different from the official one and thus strange to Inziladun.  And it was quite moving – first Inziladun's prayer to Uinen then his meeting with his mother. I nearly cried. Bravo!

 And here is something unusual: "Years ago, he had learned that a Númenorean father had to feel seriously disappointed to have a second son, and that in the King´s family this was unheard of since centuries ago." Hmm… is it your addition to the canon, or does it really seem so from "The Lone of Elros?" I don't remember myself. I am looking forward to this trip to Andunie – must be enlightening. Cheers,Aganaphel.

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Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty

Maeve Riannon - 01 May 07 - 2:37 PM

Ch. 9: Last Preparations

Hehe- thank you, once more. Smile

As for the Infamous Late Númenorean Birth Control (that´s how it got called somewhere in a private source) -it´s a possibility that occurred to me, considering how few are the children that those people seem to have, and this after living for so many years. It also adds to the list of things that a random Catholic author would attribute to a corrupted people. *whistles* And last but not least, it saved me from having to introduce more characters than was strictly necessary.

As for the King´s family -it technically happened since Ar-Adunakhôr. It is canon in a sense, or rather not uncanonical, because Tolkien mentions no siblings or other family of the later kings.  And the reason is the infamous "prophecy of the serpents" that has been driving Gimilzôr, Eärendur and Inzilbêth insane for a while, but which Inziladûn does not know yet.

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