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Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty

Aganaphel - 25 Feb 07 - 11:59 AM

Ch. 1: Introduction

Maeve Riannon,

The story you have begun posting sounds most interesting. A long Numenor story!  I certainly will be reading this. I really hope you won't be "struck by lightning, or drown, or fall off a cliff" anytime soon!!!

You have masterfully included some spoilers in the first chapter - the snakes - the reference to Tar-Palantir and Gimilzor, am I right?

One suggestion is to include the date of action - I calculated the marriage of Inzilbeth should take place sometime around 3033-3034?

Please, update soon!

My very best wishes,


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Full of Wisdom and Perfect in Beauty

Maeve Riannon - 25 Feb 07 - 2:08 PM

Ch. 1: Introduction

Thank you, thank you! I am putting a lot of effort in this story (too much for what is healthy, actually), and yours is the first comment I´ve got. :) I think there aren´t too many Númenor fans, probably because Tolkien largely neglected to develop that part himself.

 No, I´m not going to fall of a cliff anytimes soon (because I´m nowhere near one), but there are chances yet that I won´t like how the fic is progressing.

To include the dates seems like a reasonable idea, once I finally manage to get them all inside my head... the marriage of Inzilbeth does take place in 3034, though.


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