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Yule 2006 Challenge Gwynnyd's stories

Alassante - 24 Jun 08 - 4:20 PM

Ch. 6: Day Five - Fëanor's Love! (Finwë, Miriel, Fëanor)

Copy of my MEFA Review on this Wink

This is a beautiful drabble that Gwynnyd has written about both the love that Finwe felt at first sight for Feanor and the love Feanor felt for the light. The love between a parent and a newborn is usually at instantly and unconditional. To create a life so strong and influential as Feanor was quite an accomplishment for Finwe and Miriel. It is so sad to read about Miriel's feelings afterwards knowing her history. It makes me wonder if she knew his future deeds and could not live with herself so Eru allowed her the grace of fading away peacefully rather than dealing with the obsessive desire Feanor had for capturing and harnessing light. It also makes me wonder if Finwe would have felt the same of his son had he known what would become of him. Very invocative piece of writing that inspires me to think about the relationship between what Feanor did and if it would have been different if Miriel had remained part of his life. I always enjoy Gywynnd's writing. Her style is engaging, professional, elegant, and Tolkien'ish flowing over you and subtly pulling you into the moment so you can peek inside the heads of the characters. I did not realize she wrote many Silmarillion stories so now that I know I will have to check out more! Since she has betaed my work I'm sure she's probably laughing at all of my point of view changes, bad grammar, and bad spelling in this review.

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Yule 2006 Challenge Gwynnyd's stories

Larner - 24 Sep 08 - 11:54 PM

Ch. 6: Day Five - Fëanor's Love! (Finwë, Miriel, Fëanor)

Ah--but newborn, and already enchanted with Light!  Nice!

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