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The Last Work of Her Hands

Crowdaughter - 19 Jan 07 - 1:30 PM

Ch. 1: The Last Work of Her Hands


as I said already, this is an an outstanding interpretation of the reason why Miriel wished to die, and how that wish came about. I love this story, and I am in awe at the power of your setting and your crafting of this piece. Thank you for writing and posting!

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The Last Work of Her Hands

Maeve Riannon - 21 Jan 07 - 2:28 AM

Ch. 1: The Last Work of Her Hands

Thanks for the nice comment, Crowdaughter. ^_^

I have often wondered about what was it that Míriel lost in her delivery of Fëanor, that didn´t allow her to keep living. Sure, Tolkien said that she had spent in him the energies needed for all the children she could have mothered, but well, the Elves who DID have all the children they were supposed to mother didn´t forsake life as a consequence of this. Speaking properly, her circumstances were absolutely unheard of among the Elves and they remained so.

So, what? Did she pour her fëa into him? (and therefore he is partly her?) Did she lose what Fëanor lost after crafting the Silmarils, and therefore forsook a life that didn´t allow her to continue creating and delighting in her skills? Was she just weary after the effort? (one would think that giving birth wouldn´t be worse than fighting a Balrog, though, and the Balrog-slayer eventually came back to life) Was she a strange creature that took an Elf´s appearance just to give birth to Fëanor and then left? (Actually, this looks like a tempting plotbunny...) Or maybe it was just that no one knew what had really happened and each built their own theories? That was the option I mostly went with, in this arc.

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