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Not Fade Away

laureleaf - 07 Oct 06 - 5:43 PM

Ch. 8: If All Were Told

Grin I like the way you broke everything to her...and I loved her expectation of 'reality show' trick that never came.

I know i'm greedy, but, can't wait for the next chapter!Innocent

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Not Fade Away

JunoMagic - 09 Oct 06 - 10:46 AM

Ch. 8: If All Were Told

Oh, oh, oh, what a brilliant reward for a tedious day.

My favourite lines - I simply *have* to share them:

"... and she had drooled on him in her sleep. There was a glistening snail track of her saliva down his lapel. Wonderful."

That's exactly the kind of thing I love to put into my stories, too. What a great reality check. And so funny. Laugh out loud

And: "All right, he was an angel, and there was no way this was a hidden camera TV show. The coma scenario was back at the top of the list."

Tee hee hee.

And how you manage to keep it serious despite those hilarious moments is what really wins my heart!

Great job. 

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Not Fade Away

oshun - 09 Oct 06 - 11:00 AM

Ch. 8: If All Were Told

Jael, I'm hooked too. I like humanistic mixture of humor and seriousness. What fun.


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Not Fade Away

erunyauve - 20 Sep 07 - 11:43 AM

Ch. 8: If All Were Told

>>The world is full of the descendants of Aragorn and Arwen, and much of what is good has come from them.

Ahhhaaa.  I had to go back and read the prequel, as I'm enjoying the new story so much.

>>"As long as we have a reason for living; as long as we listen to Thranduil and don't succumb to sadness and inertia, we will not fade"

I think there's a lot of truth here.  Cirdan was older than Galadriel, yet he still seemed very much a part of the world.  The same was true of Thranduil.  Yet, to avoid fading, one must be willing to change, and Aaron Rivers has adapted himself to the present quite well.

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