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To The Waters And The Wild

erunyauve - 02 Sep 07 - 10:02 PM

General Comment

>>'They raised me to think of myself as one of them, but I am not,' he thought to himself.

You hit upon it perfectly with this line - what makes Aragorn the king he will be and yet what is so difficult for him at this point in his life.  I truly enjoyed this story - it's a vision of what Aragorn must have felt after learning of his birthright and the impossible nature of his love for Arwen.  I particularly liked the way Legolas was able to give him the benefit of his wisdom without treating Aragorn as a youth or inferior - it meshes well with the relationship between the two in LOTR.

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To The Waters And The Wild

IVIaedhros - 31 May 08 - 9:15 PM

Ch. 1: Into The Trees

"Elbereth's nipples" indeed.

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To The Waters And The Wild

oshun - 09 Oct 06 - 7:52 PM

Ch. 2: To The Waters

Lovely friendship fic with charming storytelling technique. Love the young Legolas and Aragorn. Nicely done humor and language choices. Love the W. B. Yeats quotes. Thranduil's cameo appearance is great. (I can see you really like him.)

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To The Waters And The Wild

Iel_o_Thorongil - 11 Oct 06 - 11:09 PM

Ch. 2: To The Waters

This had me in tears at the end. The relationship you portray here between Aragorn and Legolas is one of the most realistic, if not the most realistic I've ever read. And I have to commend your decision to have Legolas let Aragorn go by himself. It's against gut for a parent, but all children have to make their own mistakes and forge their own paths. Make no mistake, seeking wisdom and support from elders is a good thing, but coddling is stunting. Letting Aragorn go was no easy thing. I appreciate that choice and the advice that went with it.

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