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To Wrap An Elven Princeling

Chathol-linn - 26 Dec 06 - 7:18 PM

Ch. 4: Dragon Weather

Dragon Weather

This is the payoff chapter. Jael has to make a lot of things come together, and she does so with total ease and credibility. It is the culmination of the plot lines and the character development for Thranduil, Tamin, and Thulie. I loved the exchange between Thranduil and the dragon; also the tidbit that reinforced the dragon lore about hoarding and greed. The confrontation between Thranduil and Ottan was satisfying, as was the eventual resolution between Thulie's talents and Legolas's needs. And Thranduil was so brave. But frighteningly unperfect.

I do not know the meaning of nachuithron. I haven't looked it up. Some things are best left alone. But if the author would send me a private e-mail explaining it I would be grateful.

If I had one criticism worth mentioning, it would be my objection to the use of "elfling." The Professor never used it and I just don't think the Elves thought of their young ones that way. But that is a light criticism and not meant to detract from this delightful story.

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To Wrap An Elven Princeling

Greywing - 28 Jan 07 - 8:16 AM

Ch. 4: Dragon Weather

A very charming story, with a wonderfully believable characterisation of the Elvenking, and witty humour (so typical of your work) at appropriate places. It was a very great pleasure to illustrate this scene. I see now that I have accidentally overlooked some details -- Thranduil was holding his sword barehanded rather than with gloves.

Keep writing!

Cheerfully yours,


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To Wrap An Elven Princeling

Crowdaughter - 29 Jan 07 - 11:54 AM

Ch. 4: Dragon Weather

Wow! Found this through a comment and had to check it out. And lo! What a beautiful picture for this great story! (*Envies*). I've said already elsewhere how much I admire this fic and how well crafted I think it is, but this great piece of story art provided a most welcome reason for me to check it out and read it again. Smile

And might I say, the picture fits the scene wonderfully - although the scene itself is so very well described that I could see it before my eyes even before. Of course, that is true for the whole fic. Great art, Greywing - and Jael! Wink

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To Wrap An Elven Princeling

TariElfLady - 21 Apr 10 - 10:58 AM

Ch. 4: Dragon Weather

What a joyous reunion between father and son!!! It's a good thing Smaug was so greedy. Things might have gone down a very dark road. Thranduil did learn something very important; people are more important than things.

The welfare and needs of others are of great concern to Thranduil. His kindness to the people of Dale and to Tulie and Tamin says a lot about this cantankerous elf. The dragon will receive his due some day, but not at the hand of Thranduil.

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