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To Wrap An Elven Princeling

Chathol-linn - 26 Dec 06 - 7:05 PM

Ch. 3: Fire And Mist

Fire and Mist takes place mostly in Dale, and Jael introduces a small subplot in the characters of Girion and his son. The subplot strengthens our appreciation of Thranduil's predicament by showing a parallel relationship between the Mortal leader and his son. More good storytelling occurs when we wait, with Thranduil, for news of doom, and with him we are shaken when it comes – with a surprise. During this passage Thrnaduil's character continues to grow. I love it that he is good with the ladies. I always pictured him that way; the handsome warrior king who had a way with the ladies. Mighty Thranduil Oropherion indeed. The character development of Thranduil is done with the lightest of touches.

The next passage of Fire and Mist returns to the Woodsfolk couple Tamin and Tulie and their relatives Ottan and Serka. Great names for original characters. Through Tulie's and Tamin's morality, Jael moves the story's characters along, and now young Legolas plays a part as well. Ottan provides a vector for villainy, and we are left wondering what mischief he will do.

I thought that Prologue and River Child showed good storytelling, and Fire and Mist improved it. The next chapter had the best of all in my opinion.

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To Wrap An Elven Princeling

TariElfLady - 19 Apr 10 - 2:32 PM

Ch. 3: Fire And Mist

It seems like one tragedy after another follows Thranduil.  First he looses his beloved wife, then his son disappears and now Dale has been destroyed.  This will either make him or break him.  I know it will make him stronger.  Legolas will be returned to him.  I hope Ottan gets his just rewards and that Thranduil is not to hard on Tulie.

Each chapter is better than the proceeding one.

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