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To Wrap An Elven Princeling

Chathol-linn - 26 Dec 06 - 5:59 PM

Ch. 2: The River Child

River Child develops the plot by introducing additional believable characters and giving them motivations and lives that are counter to those of the Elves. I identified with Tulie, even though normally I take exception to viewing women's moon blood as a disappointment. It was absolutely necessary for her character and for the overall story. Tulie and Tamin are shown as sympathetic and warm, but not perfect.

Storytelling skill is really on display in River Child. Jael has to manage to get Thranduil away from his stronghold under very difficult circumstances. She uses his character and that of his friends to good effect in achieving it. She also has to get a certain shiny shirt separated from a certain princeling and send it on its way. It is hard work to figure how to get people and things to the right places and times in order to make the story happen. Jael does it while continuing to build on Thranduil's character.

During River Child we get tidbits that we'd never have thought of on our own, such as the hair braiding business. That's what I really like about stories – they tell you things you didn't already know, along with the parts you're already familiar with.

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To Wrap An Elven Princeling

TariElfLady - 16 Apr 10 - 1:17 PM

Ch. 2: The River Child

I can understand Tuilie's need to have a child of her own, but keeping someone else's, even for a short time is wrong.  She does not realize how devastated Legolas father would be at the potention loss of his son.  I hope Legolas is returned in time.

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