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Strange Loyalties

MerryK - 26 Apr 07 - 10:15 AM

Ch. 1: Strange Loyalties

I liked this very much! I love the strong and sensitive Celeborn here, and the proud Galadriel. She does seem like a matchmaking sort of person, and I can see how that could cause strife. Great work!


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Strange Loyalties

Envinyatar - 01 May 07 - 3:39 AM

Ch. 1: Strange Loyalties

I also liked this very much. I prefer your interpretation of Galadriel's motives to the more usual one that she had foreseen the match already, and I love her description of the depth of Aragorn's love. Interesting depiction of Celeborn's reaction, in view of the way he comes round to their relationship in his parting words to Aragorn.

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Strange Loyalties

wordweaver - 01 May 07 - 4:31 PM

Ch. 1: Strange Loyalties

I'm glad you enjoyed my story, and my spin on Galadriel's motives.  Even if she had forseen a match between Aragorn and Arwen, Galadriel has never struck me as someone who simply resigns herself to the inevitable.  Instead, she actively works to either support or oppose the currents of the future, and in the case of Aragorn and Arwen, she clearly lent her support.

Your point about Celeborn's acceptance of Aragorn is a good one.  All her relations have had thirty-nine years to get used to the idea of this match by that point, and Aragorn has proven himself worthy.  Even Elrond, who had been the most vocal opponent to their love, has been appeased by Aragorn's achievements and willingly surrendered the scepter and his daughter. 


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