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The Odd Couple

erunyauve - 01 Jan 07 - 10:14 PM

General Comment

I'm generally not much of a drabble fan, but I can't resist Legolas and Gimli, and you make very good use of the format.  I especially liked 'Hair' and 'Alas, for the Dying of the Trees' - you capture both characters perfectly, I think.

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The Odd Couple

oshun - 02 Jan 07 - 8:05 PM

Ch. 1: Hair

Great set--but "Hair" is my favorite of the lot!

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The Odd Couple

oshun - 12 Oct 06 - 9:13 AM

Ch. 2: Envy

This made my day yesterday. Then I realized I really should have commented. Utterly fabulously ridiculous. It hit me on so many levels: I always liked reading social anthropology--uncertain if it's a science, but it sure is fun. Very visual piece as well.

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The Odd Couple

oshun - 11 Aug 06 - 7:35 AM

Ch. 3: Unexpected

What a funny, wicked story. I just knew if you kept messing around with those two guys something like this was going to happen.


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The Odd Couple

oshun - 29 Jul 06 - 2:46 AM

Ch. 4: A Taste of Honey

I'm speechless! How can anyone make such an innocent incident so naughty! Oh course, I love it! (Rate it "G" for children; "R" for adults!)

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The Odd Couple

oshun - 17 Jan 07 - 4:20 PM

Ch. 5: Differences

Ah, insufferable and yet so endearing dwarf and elf here and surprisingly wise Pippin. I love them all. A worthy addition to this series. Keep them coming; it appears that you have a lot more to say about these two.

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The Odd Couple

oshun - 13 Feb 07 - 11:20 AM

Ch. 6: Secrets

Nice work, Gimli! Much more satisfying than the original. Fits perfectly with this entire series.

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