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Freyalyn - 27 Jul 11 - 1:19 AM

Ch. 20: Letters from Home

This is such a well written story, but so disturbing.  Why does Leni not die - is it just that she wills herself not to?

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thelauderdale - 27 Jul 11 - 9:46 PM

Ch. 20: Letters from Home

Hi Freyalyn:

That's pretty much my theory, though I've tried to leave it open for interpretation.  She is afraid of death and wants badly to live, so I am sure that she has exercised some degree of will.  But I have also seen other explanations, and there is room for more than one of them to be true.

Anyway, thank you for reading this story and for taking the time to comment.  I really appreciate it.

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Marchwriter - 27 Dec 11 - 8:41 AM

Ch. 20: Letters from Home

I have to say, reading your story (more than once) has made me think of Orcs in a whole new way. Tolkien himself didn't like the fact that they were so black-and-more-black evil. In Lord of the Rings, they were wicked, but they had their own independent ideas about what constituted a "good" life and hopes for the future (albeit many of them based on the suffering of others). You make them come alive in all their wicked but understandable complexity. Particularly that "wicked old goblin" Rukshash. He's deliciously evil.

One of my favorite "good guy" characters in this is Firhador. I don't know why. But he strikes me in such a way. He's such a...father, never giving up hope that he will find his daughter. Will his story be continued at all in Orcbrat?

Thanks for a good read!

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