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It Is Custom

Vilwarin - 15 Feb 06 - 8:01 AM

Ch. 1: It Is Custom

I liked your story. The characters seem very in-canon to my eyes. Of course Aragorn would be elvish in this, being raised by them. In my opinion virginity is a very powerful thing, but Boromir is not a man to understand such things.

The end is not bad and urges you to think a bit about the topic. All in all, a good job.


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It Is Custom

Nieriel Raina - 09 Jan 07 - 8:03 AM

Ch. 1: It Is Custom

I absolutely LOVED this! So nice to see a true look at the elves view of sexuality. I thought it was very nice. In fact, I collect quotes and would love to be able to use a quote from your story (complete credit given of course!) in my email signature, with your permission! PLEASE?

"The centuries are long, and if I come to my marriage-bed already knowing all there is to know, it will soon grow tedious.  In the end, I do not need one night to prove to myself that I am male."

THIS is the Legolas I love! Fabulous!


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It Is Custom

Vilwarin - 21 Feb 07 - 3:24 AM

Ch. 1: It Is Custom

Oh, that's a wonderful piece, Mar'isu! You captured the atmosphere really well and I like Aragorn's responses, they are very in-canon.

I have only a little bit of critique: Your beginning is described in the book, and it might be better if you kept closer to it. I do not like them camping where they halted. It is still dangerous and they fear the orcs coming after them.

Boromir carries a Hobbit, perhaps you can work with this a bit. Boromir is already weary, how weary must a Hobbit be?

Overall, it is really great. 

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It Is Custom

Radditz666 - 22 Feb 07 - 1:30 PM

Ch. 1: It Is Custom

Its like a normal conversation between humans in real life expcept it is well written enough to be transfered into tolkiens world without being immature.  Dont get me wrong, it is quite laughable to read also but at the same time it is mature and realistic.  I guess you would have to stop at the ending you had as I would rather not read about Boromir in the woods lol.  All in all, nice stuff, mate

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