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Return of the Ranger

Gandalfs apprentice - 16 Feb 06 - 9:34 AM

Ch. 2: The Reveal

I like this addition very much. The first part did seem incomplete. But this also reads like the beginning of a tale! Perhaps you can develop one.... I hope so!

Gandalfs apprentice 

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Return of the Ranger

Dwimordene - 22 May 06 - 10:41 PM

Ch. 2: The Reveal

Look who got around to her reading list (sort of... slowly...).

Butterbur is one of those characters who can make or break a scene--he's hard to handle, or at least, I find him tricky. I do think that last line suits him well, although I feel like there's something missing in between it and the line just before it that would give it a little more punch.

But it's a nice set of vignettes; good Fourth Age atmosphere, and if it's a tad confusing at times (just because, unlike Butterbur, my memory is not like a lumber room when it comes to LOTR, so I know he was told at least twice who the king was prior to this point), the second chapter gets a line in that mitigates the confusion.

Looking forward to reading more from you.


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Return of the Ranger

Rani - 27 Jun 09 - 11:36 PM

Ch. 2: The Reveal

Love how Aragorn got a chance to be old Strider again once more after becoming king. I can just see him enjoying a smoke in that corner nook of his and loving the anonymity. You also write Barliman Butterbeer very well. Good job Mar'isu!

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