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Gift-giving of Celeborn, The

Gwynnyd - 26 Jan 06 - 6:46 AM

General Comment

Interesting Elvish gift!  And very generous of Celeborn to give it to Gimli.  Obviously whatever Galadriel told him about his behavior made a lastiing impression. 


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Gift-giving of Celeborn, The

Dwimordene - 26 Jan 06 - 9:53 PM

General Comment

Hi Gwynnyd and Raksha,

Thank you for your comments! I am sure that Gimli did cherish the gift, and equally that Celeborn was glad to have that as the opportunity to lay to rest some old grievances.

Obviously whatever Galadriel told him about his behavior made a lastiing impression.

I'm not so sure that it's any particular thing or things that Galadriel told him about his behavior that moved him to try to come to some understanding of Gimli. I think it was more the fact of her telling him off in whatever manner she did, her interest in Gimli in particular, and the knowledge that she would be leaving Middle-earth soon, which puts a kind of choice before Celeborn, whether he leaves with her or not: to spend those last years in Lothlórien closer to her than he had been before, or to keep this difference over Dwarves, and over one particular Dwarf, between them.


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