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Answering the Call

Alastiel - 17 May 07 - 10:57 AM

Ch. 10: Gimli

My goodness. That was breathtaking. And very, very sobering.

Wonderful, wonderful job. Just goes to show that the members of the Fellowship really were strong after all, and that we simply took it for granted.

Violin Ghost / Alastiel

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Answering the Call

docmon - 17 May 07 - 12:24 PM

Ch. 10: Gimli

Thank you, Alastiel!

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I do think we take the characters' strength for granted. So many things could have gone wrong at so many points...

Thank you for taking the time to comment as well.


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Answering the Call

Michelle - 16 Nov 08 - 12:47 PM

Ch. 10: Gimli

Oh, what an exciting, frightening and thought-provoking AU! It's hard for me to decide which chapters I liked best. Maybe Sam and Boromir. Sam, because his experience with the ring was so unlike everyone else's - while still leading to doom (with a capital D). And Boromir, because the last sentence there absolutely slew me. That was fantastic.

Though, Gimli's chapter - and I assume it's the last on purpose - gives me hope. He came into possession of the ring by accident, without wishing it. And it seems that helps him to hold on to the original plan. You don't give us the assurance that he actually succeeds. But I have hope. And that's always a good thing to have handy when reading LOTR-fic!

I hope to see many more AU stories from you. They're so very original! 

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