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The Reaches of the North

Casso - 19 Feb 06 - 8:50 PM

General Comment

So good to see this story availabe again.  Have you deleted 1 or 2 chapters?  Perhaps these have moved forward to Book 4 ??  When might we see book 2 back up?  

I love your middle earth characteres, they are just as they should be especially your Aragorn. 

Just think, one day there will be a book 4 and 5  (six was wonderfull) and maybe 7 and 8 and and ......... - tis too much, I will have to draw them out - one chapter a month (not likely, I'd read them all in one sitting if thats how they came).


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The Reaches of the North

Michelle - 09 Mar 06 - 5:35 PM

General Comment

I'm one of these gunshy people when it comes to reading WIPs. But since this story has been finished for quite a while now and I highly enjoyed the first two installments in this series, I thought I start reading. Have to quit for the day, but I wanted to give you some feedback nonetheless.

I love the different pieces of the puzzle that make up your stories (and your characters). The western-like opening in the Prancing Pony (I had really expected a bar fight where someone crashes a table *g*), the gathering in Annuminas that reminded me of the opening of Diana Gabaldon's "The Fiery Cross" (without dragging on for 200 pages), the political scheming in the back, the bootcamp atmosphere. I could go on...

How you Aragorn get used to a different lifestyle and the fact that his different upbringing allows him to bring a breath of fresh air in the ranger's camp is a great idea. And Halbarad is a wonderful character in this! He really shines:)

Will be back tomorrow for the rest of the story.

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