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Another Man's Cage

oshun - 31 Mar 07 - 2:32 PM

Ch. 36: Chapter Thirty-Six--Macalaure

A beautiful, intense chapter, Dawn. I really should not read your stuff when I am in an emotionally vulnerable mood. (Let me qualify that I have been known to make fun of people who weep at the movies—so I am not crybaby!) But this chapter. Moved me so many times. You've got a thing about names haven't you? How Noldorin of you! I loved Maedhros's speculation about the name Nelyafinwë: "An inheritance that I shall never claim." Silence. How can I argue with that? But Nelyo goes on. "When am I ever going to be king, Macalaurë? Should Grandfather Finwë see a need for abdication, even temporarily, Atar would take his place, and can you see Atar relinquishing the kingship?"  Reminds me of your passage about names in "Evidence Of" and I thought of your wonderful story, "Essecarmë." Then Macalaurë says: "You would make an excellent king, I think." Jeez! I'm supposed to stay dry-eyed for that one!

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Another Man's Cage

IVIaedhros - 01 Apr 07 - 6:52 PM

Ch. 36: Chapter Thirty-Six--Macalaure

I like the foreshadowing...it's expected, certainly, however the dreams are not blatant at all.  I especially like the idea that Feanaro is laying the heat on Neylo.  

REQUEST: Please, please, please label your chapters with something that indicates their content!!!  Everytime I want to reread a particular passage, it takes about an hour to find.

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Another Man's Cage

ziggy - 10 Mar 13 - 1:58 PM

Ch. 36: Chapter Thirty-Six--Macalaure

He is making me choose.

I will let him destroy me.

You have led me down this lovely, rich narrative with its humour and delights, its domesticity, and now you slowly reveal a little more of the dreadfu catastrophe that will come to them, but you make me think too, that Feanor would have always left Aman, and that he would have always pursued this destiny, but the Silmarils, I am sure, you are going to show his love for them is greater than his love for his family and so he destroys them with the Oath, but he would also use that Oath to hold them to him.

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