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Matter of Honor, A

Gandalfs apprentice - 09 Dec 05 - 8:52 AM

Ch. 6: A Gift Returned

Hi, meckinock

Splendid chapter. There are so many great lines, I can't pick a favorite, although two in particular stick in my mind: Halbarad slaying the tart like a troll, and "Somewhere Elbereth is weeping" regarding Elladan's Lay. Wonderful portrait of Rivendell as seen by Halbarad and Dudo. Enjoyable interlude before the return to danger and adventure. No one should miss this story.

Gandalfs apprentice

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Matter of Honor, A

meckinock - 11 Dec 05 - 11:45 AM

Ch. 6: A Gift Returned

Thanks, GA! 

Halbarad's odds against the tart would've been better if he hadn't already marinated in Rivendell cuisine long enough to go up two shirt sizes.

And Karaoke night at Rivendell - it was overdue for a loud, off-key drunk singing "When a Man Loves a Woman," wasn't it? Elrond'll probably send the boys out on a scouting mission the next time he plans a big, formal shindig. 

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Matter of Honor, A

oshun - 11 Dec 05 - 2:53 PM

Ch. 6: A Gift Returned

Great exchange Grandalf-A and meckinock. Almost as much fun as that part of the story.

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